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Lotus Freelander 2018

Link to Freelander 22ft Club Lounge Off Road Caravan Video.

Wow! Welcome to Caravans by the Campfire! We thought we'd rent a few caravans before we buy one and let all those interested in the caravanning lifestyle jump on board - this first one's a big mutha! Come with us as we share our experience with the Lotus Freelander, 22ft beast. Sometimes trying before you buy is definitely the way to go - they don't let you just take a new van for a spin on the back of your car - what better way to see if a caravan is for you than to hire it first. Well that's what we're doing.

In this Episode 1 video we set out with the massive Lotus off-road 22 ft caravan. After venturing far and wide throughout the central west of New South Wales, Australia, we give our views and opinions - this van is impressive but wont be for everyone.

The caravan was hired through Camplify and is owned by On Point Caravans - when it comes to hiring a caravan or camper you can check both companies out right here: Camplify -

On-Point Caravans - Cassie and Rob are real caravan people with a passion for hiring out only the best vans -

Please like and subscribe to keep up with the very latest episodes - as always we welcome your comments and suggestions! If you'd like to see anything in particular just pop in those questions in also.

You can follow us below: Instagram -

Disclaimer - the views and opinions expressed in this video are our own and are presented for entertainment and information purposes - we recommended in all instances that people form their own opinions and seek out professional advice as they see fit - the hire of the caravan featured in this video was paid for in full by caravans by the campfire. Happy Caravanning!

See you again soon.

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