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Campfire Hacks & Tips

Campfire Hack #1

A little tip for young players before setting up a camp site - join us on our travels and reviews @Caravans by the Campfire #shorts

Campfire Hack #2

Tip number 2 for all those out there struggling to get their camp fires going quick! Good luck with your next one!

Caravans by the Campfire - Youtube


s on the Hawkesbury Caravan Park

Please ensure you use your gas flame correctly - here's a link so you can educate yourself! Trade Flame can be found at any Bunnings or reputable Trade/Workshop suppliers.

Don't forget to like and subscribe for more fun tips with Caravans by the Campfire - check out our latest van reviews right here:

Caravans by the Campfire - Youtube

This video is made for entertainment purposes only. Educate yourself about the safe and proper use of any products shown in this video. Cheers!

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